Rough Guides Mixes 001 w/ Jason Doig

And we’re off!

The blog has been up and running for a few weeks now and things are still taking shape as we go along but I can finally announce the Rough Guides mix series has now started.

Starting as we mean to go on, we have close friend, smart selector and all round quality DJ, Jason Doig, taking us on our first musical journey with his smooth style of Disco Edits through to the deep bongo drum filled Afro-House records. You can find his own Soundcloud page here.


This is the first mix Jason has recorded in just under a year as he’s been quite a busy man so we’re buzzing to share this with you all. It’s an all vinyl (as always with Jason) set and mixed on his lovely wee rotary mixer. Just for us!

I hope you all enjoy the mix as much as I am and stay tuned for the rest of the series.

Track list:

  1. Ichisan & Nakova ‎– Princesa (Ruf Dug Remix) / Cosmic Pint Glass
  2. The Zars – Guyana / Deep Vibes Recordings
  3. DJ Steef – Levaned / Numoment Recordings
  4. Giovanni Damico – I Need Me / Lumberjacks in Hell
  5. Bobby Analog – Luvwomanboogie / Body Fusion
  6. Alison Limerick – Where Love Lives / Shield Edits
  7. Nancy Azzurro – Grace / ESP Institute
  8. Last Waltz – Itchy / Me Me Me
  9. Kon – Love Youx (Don’t) / Soul Clap Records
  10. Cole Medina – Make Your Body Move / Fly By Night Music

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