Record Review: Kassem Mosse – Workshop 12

This record review follows on from the previous one quite well. Last time out I reviewed the latest EP on Smallville Records, for this one I’m reviewing a record I ordered from Smallville Records store in Hamburg. So, that’s a German record, on a German label, from a German store, by a German geezer – I need to spend more time in Germany I think.

IMG_5653.JPGCheers Smallville!

Kassem Mosse from Leipzig, Germany, is well known for his weirdly wonderful musical works in this underground scene. He’s released music on top labels such as Honest Jon’s, The Trilogy Tapes, Nonplus records and of course Workshop, among many others. Kassem Mosse, real name Gunnar Wendel, has signed off his tracks on Workshop 4 times so far, 3 of them EP’s (Workshop 03, 08 and 12) and 1 was an album released in 2014 (Workshop 19).

Workshop 12 was first released in 2011 and then repressed in 2014. Fortunately for those late to the Workshop party – like me. And like the majority of the releases on Workshop it doesn’t have any track titles so we’ll just refer to them here as A1, B1 and B2. Easy enough!

The A1 track is a mesmorising and hypnotic affair as expected and clocks in at just under 14 minutes long yet it feels like it could easily just keep going on and on. The cut up and looped vocals are consistent throughout and are propped up at points by a crisp, crackling hi-hat. Then enters the thumping kick with its low bassline creeping in shortly after for company. The elements just keep on coming with what sounds like a sample of an old organ sound looping in and out while wispy and windy atmospheric synths fly around in the background. Around half way through the beat fades out as some sort of melody pops up just as soon as it is to disappear again. All of these different factors come together absolutely perfectly and prevents this mammoth track from dragging out and getting boring. It is everything but boring.

“Call me when you get this! Mosse”

etched on to the A side

B1 is straight in the warm up set category. This piece builds up a dramatic and tense atmosphere right through amazingly well. The percussion is so clear and detailed you can make out each small individual sound with ease, even as it rides along with the deep tugging bass. Again there are subtle synths playing their part in behind and changing just slightly as it develops, adding to the atmospheric feeling of it all.

B2 is more of a short and (not so) sweet track coming in around 3 minutes long, so it takes no time at all to bring in its broken up beats and acid bassline to the fore. The dark and moody sound of B2 is the ideal ending to this awesome EP. It’s as if Kassem Mosse has put this on as a sort of ‘to be continued’ message to roll out with.

6 years after Workshop 12 originally came out I’ve now got a copy to add to my collection, and it will be in the record bag for some more years to come.

Perfectly timed as well as Scottish promoters Bigfoot’s Tea Party are set to be bringing the Workshop pairing of Willow and Kassem Mosse to the Sub Club on Friday March 17th. A night you’ll be mad to miss. Kassem Mosse / Willow / Bigfoot’s Tea Party

You can bag a copy of this EP in your local record store (i’d check with them in advance though to be safe, it is 6 years old mind) or online here – Smallville Records



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