Club night Spotlight: Fractal Club

“Esoteric Electronica for the Open Minded”

One of the newest additions to Edinburgh’s nightlife, Fractal Club is looking to open minds and pack dance floors.

Just 4 events in and already making a name for its self, Fractal has pulled in Dinky, Secretsundaze and Nick Höppner as guests while also securing Hi + Saberhägen and E.Wan & Chris G as respectable residents. Each guest so far has played an extended 3 hour set which is always a massive bonus for those dancing as you can really feel your way through the experience that night.


I was seriously buzzing to get along to the gigs with Secretsundaze and then more recently Nick Höppner at the weekend. I have been wanting to see both for such a long time so when I knew they were heading to Edinburgh I wasn’t hanging about. Both nights were packed in with great music, great visuals and just as importantly a great crowd. It wasn’t a flashy crowd or a crowd too bothered about what was happening around them, everyone there just knew their stuff and was there for the music, on their own unique journey. The man behind Fractal Club, Stewart Clason, sums up its crowd perfectly in his Instagram post after the night with Nick Höppner…

“The vibes were strong last night… Such a mixed crowd, nae posers, nae kezzled birds. Just dancers”

Well said that man!


If you head over to the Fractal Club Edinburgh page on RA you’ll see they have dates lined up for the majority of 2017, which is always a joy to see. Although only the next 2 dates have been announced officially.
Jumping straight back in to it after last Saturdays gig, Fractal are bringing Saoirse over from Ireland for some Friday night madness as they host their first event in my favourite wee Edinburgh club, Sneaky Pete’s. With a capacity of only 100 and Saoirse plus Hi + Saberhägen on selecting duties for the night the place is going to be a riot.

Then the month after we’re in for another treat as Fractal have arranged a special b2b set with Prosumer and Virginia. Both originally from Germany with Prosumer now choosing to lay his hat in Edinburgh, they have been regular names in Germany’s biggest clubs such as Panorama Bar/Berghain, Cocoon Club, Robert Johnson and also many more all around the world. Heading over to The Mash House for the night they will be joined by residents E.Wan & Chris G and also Main Ingredient in control of the bar space.

And just when you ask yourself “Fuck me, can this get any better?!”, Fractal Club also donate a percentage of its ticket sales to charity. After only its first 2 parties, they managed to raise more than £400 for The Joshua Nolan Foundation, which aims “to reduce the number of suicides in Scotland by helping those who need it gain access to quality counselling”. Amazing work from everyone.

Fractal is taking off and I strongly advise you to jump in for the ride. I’ve heard about some of the bookings for the rest of the year and following on from previous guests, they will not disappoint. Trust me.

Fractal Club

Fractal Club with Saoirse 

Fractal Club with Prosumer & Virginia

Fractal Club on Soundcloud



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