Record Review: V/A. Makybee Diva/Snad/L’amour Fou/Arnaldo – 810 Psychic Advisor

Artist: Makybee Diva / Snad / L’amour Fou / Arnaldo
Title: Psychic Advisor
Label: Smallville
Released: January 2017

Since I started buying/collecting/digging vinyl, Smallville Records has always been a go-to label for me. I can honestly say I haven’t heard a bad record from them yet. Smallville is a label and record shop in Hamburg ran by Smallpeople aka Just von Ahlefeld and Julius Steinhoff.

The imprints latest release – Psychic Advisor – has been self-described by Smallville as “a club night from start to finish” and it’s pretty hard to argue with that one.

First up is Makybee Diva. I struggled to find any more info on the artist here, which I suppose fits well with the ‘Untitled’ track name. Dubbed vocals and smooth piano riffs feature on this opener which as predicted sounds just like the start of any good club night. Grooving chilled out deep house at its finest.

Next up is Shyam ‘Snad’ Anend. The 23-year-old vinyl enthusiast with links to Goa, Berlin, Chicago and Philadelphia progresses this club night/record with ease. ‘Excerptz’ is another deep grooving number with a cool mellow conversation lay over it. “You gotta stay true to your heart and just not be afraid, it takes courage”. DEEEP.

Flipping over to the B-side it’s L’amour Fou (the latest project from Move D, Benoit Bouquin and Marco Wollenberg) with ‘Monkeys on My Roof’. The record has started to take up a peak time slot now with this track and its acidic and energetic vibe building up into that hands in the air moment. Symbols, claps, and synth stabs all sit well in amongst this deep acid blend.

Then its left to Arnaldo and his wonderful moustache to end this night with ‘Screaming with a Blocked Nose’ and it does so, so very well. It’s constantly building up from the start of the track but its relaxed vibe leaves it without too much to build up to. The melody is so fitted to the rest of this hypnotic piece. This is for the lights coming up, this is the end of the holiday, it’s been amazing and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Again.



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