Record Review: Isolée – Mangroove

Artist: Isolée
Title: Mangroove
Label: Maeve
Released: January 2017

Isolée has been headhunted here by the sharp shooters behind the Maeve imprint. The second most interesting piece about this record after the music has got to be the story of how it came about. The Drifter (who co-runs Maeve with Mano Le Tough and Baikal) was lucky enough to find himself immersed in Isolée’s live set at a festival in Switzerland last summer. He caught up with Rajko Müller (Isolée) soon after to find out more about the music he had heard and suggested releasing some of it. Isolée went on to deliver “Pisco” and two other “demos” to the Berlin based label and shortly after the EP was in motion.

Just over a year since his last release on DJ Koze & Marcus Fink’s Pampa Records, Isolée sounds refreshed and ready to pick up from where he left off.

The A-side Pisco is made up of dark, moody vibes and hypnotic melodies which are slammed together with an unmissable heavy low bass. It’s incredibly detailed with its percussion as it flows in and out building the atmosphere. To me it sounds like an epic techno-thunder-storm.

The B-side is going down a similar road to the A-side on this one with L5 Syndrome and title track Mangroove both pushing out deep and focused vibes. L5 Syndrome is built on a huge bassline with the grooves that makes you moves, and softer synths and stabs added in with the perfect dosage.

Last but in no way least is Mangroove. It’s slightly more uplifting than the other tracks I’d say and has more of a house vibe to it, while still being able to blow the roof of said house clean off with its pulsing, piercing bass and mesmerising melodies which again smoothly float in and out of focus.

As I listen to this record, the thing I keep thinking about most is how I wish I was lucky enough to be at that festival in Switzerland too.


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