Record Review: Jase/Crump/Pablo Marco – BPBL 021

Jase/Crump/Pablo Marco
BPBL 021
Banoffee Pies Records

The latest ep from the Banoffee Pies Black Label project is quite something. Pulling in a mixture of local Bristolians and producers from a wee bit further afield they each leave a significant mark on this release. House music with a breaks and bass tinge.

The first track Voodoo Way (Edit) from an unknown artist slowly builds up its minimalist vibe throughout its 9 & a bit minutes. The break-beat drum kit (Bristol influences aplenty) and the softly spoken lyrics (which feature on Mia Dora – Feathers as well) tie together perfectly well. I’d say this tune would be most appreciated coming on as your all-nighter is coming to an end and the sun is just starting to peak through.

Next on the record is Jase – Don’t Try To Sleepwhich sounds pretty much just like the title. It sounds like what would be going on in your head as you’ve just returned home after the above mentioned all-nighter and trying to get back into normality. Break-beat percussion and drums again with a more driving groove in the bassline. Plenty beeps and bloops to send you down the wrong road.

On to the B-side. B1 is Crump – JHEThis is one of those tracks you know would fit in well at any time of the night. Slightly darker and a bit moody – i’m sure it growls at points – making it the heavier tune on this single. Some heads down and eyes shut stuff.

B2 is Pablo Marco – Breaksito. Clearly putting the ‘breaks’ in Breaksito anyway. A stand out snare drum heard many times before blended in with those breaking drums and a jackin’ bass. With the kick going in and out and in then out again this is the party tune from this ep, this is the one to make you move.


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